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Original papers on the phosphorescence quenching method:

(1) Vanderkooi, J. M., Maniara, G., Green, T. J., and Wilson, D. F. (1987) An optical method for measurement of dioxygen concentration based on quenching of phosphorescence, J. Biol. Chem. 262, 5476-5482.

(2) Rumsey, W. L., Vanderkooi, J. M., and Wilson, D. F. (1988) Imaging of phosphorescence: a novel method for measuring the distributions of oxygen in perfused tissue, Science 241, 1649-1651.

(3) Wilson, D. F., Rumsey, W. L., Green, T. J., and Vanderkooi, J. M. (1988) The oxygen dependence of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation measured by a new optical method for measuring oxygen., J. Biol. Chem. 263, 2712-2718.

Papers on the latest Oxyphors:

(1) Lebedev, A. Y., Cheprakov, A. V., Sakadzic, S., Boas, D. A., Wilson, D. F., and Vinogradov, S. A. (2009) Dendritic phosphorescent probes for oxygen imaging in biological systems, ACS Appl. Materials & Interfaces 1, 1292-1304.

(2) Esipova, T. V., Karagodov, A., Miller, J., Wilson, D. F., Busch, T. M., and Vinogradov, S. A. (2011) Two new "protected" Oxyphors for biological oximetry: properties and application in tumor imaging, Anal. Chem. 83, 8756-8765.

(3) Esipova, T. V., Barrett, M. J. P., Erlebach, E., Masunov, A. E., Weber, B., and Vinogradov, S. A. (2019) Oxyphor 2P: A high-performance probe for deep-tissue longitudinal oxygen imaging, Cell Metabolism. 29, 736-744.